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The Tork Foam is  Quick a

The Tork Foam is Quick and easy refilling are proven with easy-to-use certification by the Swedish Rheumatism Association and also Sealed bottle with single-use pump secures good hygiene and reduces risk of cross-contamination

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Tork Xpressnap is more en

Tork Xpressnap is more environmentally friendly than what we were using. It's a better product and has also saved the money.

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As the No.1 professional

As the No.1 professional hygiene brand, Tork is expert in achieving great flow and helping customers meet demanding hygiene requirements. The Investing in quality hygiene solutions and placing them in well-positioned locations around the kitchen is crucial for daily efficiency in the kitchen.

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This toilet roll will Giv

This toilet roll will Give your customers the comforts of home away from home with Tork Premium Traditional Roll Toilet Paper.and the Luxurious 4-ply thick extra-soft paper Tork Easy Handling for easy transport, opening and disposal of packaging

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